I am a passionate believer that extraterrestrial colonization is humanities future and believe that it has greater potential to improve the quality of life for all humanity than any other endeavor. I tend to have a pragmatic yet realistic perspective in this area. There are many challenges and obstacles to achieving this goal but I believe that human colonization of space is something that could be achieved in the near term. I believe that the biggest factor in how soon it will happen is when the resources to accomplish it become available. In this I do not mean just financial and material resources but also a focus on developing technologies that will make it possible and the commitment of people in a position to control those resources to the goal of colonizing space.

I do not see myself as an expert in any field related to space colonization. I do not have any list of degrees or work history usually offered as proof of why my opinion should be believed. What I believe I am good at is recognizing if a concept or technology has real potential to realize a suggested possibility. I am good at combining general knowledge in many areas to reach accurate conclusions in areas I have limited experience; some would see this as intuition. I also know the limits of my intuition.

I intend to use this blog to drive myself to learn the facts that will support my intuitive conclusions. My science and math will often be a bit of a SWAG but I will make efforts to base what I say on concrete sources. I will do my best to reference my sources and to reference the sources that provide the facts in a form that is as easy to understand as possible. I will do this not because I do not respect the intelligence of my audience but because they are the sources that I most value when I am trying to understand a new concept. I want to encourage anyone to fact check me. I will also grateful for help with public sources of information that can add depth to the information I present.

XKDC – Sphere


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