Building a Future

Earth has been the cradle for life as we know it for at least 3.5 billion years. Humanity as a species has existed for less than 200 thousand years. Civilization was born about 12,000 years ago. In all this time we have lived in the cradle we were born into. No human has been more than 260,000 miles from Earth or been away from it for more than a year and a half.  We have thrived on Earth up to this point adapting our environment to support a population far larger than any other species of a comparable size and complexity. This will not continue for much longer. We have tapped almost all of the easily available resources on the planet. This is not to say that there are not a massive amount of resources that are yet to be tapped but it does mean those resources will become increasingly more expensive at a faster rate. I do not believe the end is near but it is beginning to become clear to most everyone that we are starting to outgrow our home.

It is time we commit ourselves to leaving the cradle we were born into or it may someday become our casket. That is not to say I ascribe to the worries about an extinction event. Though it is possible that some unforeseen disaster could blot out all of humanity the reality is that humanity right now would likely the survive the asteroid impact that happened 65 million years ago. What is more sure is that if we chose not to move to space there are only two possibilities I see. Either we continue to expand to the point where the Earth cannot support us or we limit ourselves and eventually smothering ourselves to death. In any case the only insurance of long term survival of humanity is in space.

I am doing this blog out of the passionate belief that humanities future is in space. I believe eventually either this will become evident to most people or the benefits of living in space will draw people to live in space. In a hundred years I believe more than 1 percent of the entire human population will reside off Earth. In two hundred years I believe a majority of humanity will live in space. Eventually Earth itself may become a vague memory of a time when we restricted ourselves to the surface of a single planet.